Hit List

Immediate Priorities

I intend to focus on only three major areas at any given time. These next three most important focus areas include:

Get the Zenworks CNC Functional

I began documenting my re-build of a Zenworks CNC mill a ways back, but the machine isn’t quite functional yet. It’s in the home stretch, and needs only a few more augments before it’s ready to go!

Optimize The Wood Shop

I moved homes in December, and the wood shop is still not quite optimal. This is a high priority as a well-assembled shop will pay off almost infinitely in terms of efficiencies earned down the road.

Unify/Refine WordPress & Hosting Environments

Most of my wordpress sites and hosting setups have been assembled over many years. As a result, there’s not complete uniformity across all properties and content. In the immediate future, I intend to spin down a few old databases, nuke some prehistoric websites, and conform any content that’s worth saving into a sensible and future-oriented format.


These projects are all on a slow boil… Backbrained for now but never forgotten. These projects aren’t especially time-sensitive and benefit from longer times of pondering & creative ideation.

Building a New Desk

After switching to a standing desk at work, I’m sold. When backed up by a well-fitting stool, the option to stand or sit dramatically improves the ergonomics of a workspace. I already started making small modular improvements to my existing desk (which I wrote about a ways back) but the larger renovation will take some time longer to manifest.

Mineshaft Mayhem

This project is bound to be both a beast, and excellent… An excellent beast. I’ve starting posting across ten separate blog posts (intro and index located here), but the actual arcade cabinet has yet to start coming together.

Codemode Lamps

I’ve made several lightboxes recently, and all have turned out awesomely. I know there’s a way to systematize their creation, and many eager people who’d love to give one a home if I can appropriately hone the workflow.

Bouwsma Lantern Co.

This project has popped up many times and I remain confident it has legs.

I bet it’s not more than 3-4 months of focused work away from being viable, but I’m not prepared to pursue it at the moment. Seems in my bones that theres still a thing or two I need to learn before I can take BLCo. primetime in the way I envision.


The project has evolved, but I’m still committed to making sure the website exists as a portfolio of what we achieved before we re-focused our efforts.

I have a collection of posts associated with Hemlocke located here.

Inventables Camera Slider

I bought the Inventables Camera Slider kit with a refund I was offered, but it’s never worked the way I want. One day, I’d like to see the device work the way I imagine it, but it’s not a high-value project at the moment.

What’s more, I have a whole other pile of future projects here.