The World’s Largest Model Train Layout

My brother, father and I built model railroads many years ago, and I could only dream of being able to do it with “grown-up money”. Much of my mechanical mind springs from there, and the video is equally inspiring to both me, and the ever-present 10-year-old still alive in my heart.

Do you love this thing enough to not do it right now? Some people want to say, “I love it so much, I’m going to do it right now, no matter what! I’ve got to do this because I’m so passionate about it.” That’s easy! I’m asking the hard questions here. Do you love it enough to not do it right now? If now is not the right time, do you love it enough to set the foundation first? → Listen Here
The Overlap Technique, or: “Here’s the door— Take a letterpress coaster on your way out.”