Building A Roundhouse from Old Grain Bins / Silos

I’m enchanted by the idea of living in a modified Grain-Silo-Turned-Roundhouse. The old silos are cheaply available, the radial nature promotes integration and relationship, and the cost, recycling, and reuse benefits could be many!

Zenworks CNC (re)Build

My buddy just moved into a new apartment and was forced to downsize his workspaces. As a result, he sold me his partially assembled Zenworks CNC for CHEAP. I immediately set out to get it up and running.

My City Tells a Story

I have a vision of 500 people, all across my city, telling the same story. Captured phrase by phrase, in the places people orbit every day, this video-recorded project will assemble hundreds of voices into a single, coherent narrative.

Last Call Lamp

A buddy of mine runs a ring of food trucks, and told me his dream: a stylish lamp that could clearly tell his customers when the kitchen was about to close. Thus, the Last Call Lamp was born!