Building A Roundhouse from Old Grain Bins / Silos

I’m enchanted by the idea of living in a modified Grain-Silo-Turned-Roundhouse. The old silos are cheaply available, the radial nature promotes integration and relationship, and the cost, recycling, and reuse benefits could be many!

My City Tells a Story

I have a vision of 500 people, all across my city, telling the same story. Captured phrase by phrase, in the places people orbit every day, this video-recorded project will assemble hundreds of voices into a single, coherent narrative.

Last Call Lamp

A buddy of mine runs a ring of food trucks, and told me his dream: a stylish lamp that could clearly tell his customers when the kitchen was about to close. Thus, the Last Call Lamp was born!

Arduino-Based Music Synthesizer

I’ve seen people make basic synths & sequencers with Arduino. I’d love to explore this more and see what sort of music a $30 brain makes—especially interested in creating an 8- or 16-step sequencer.

Nikon & Arduino Control

If it’s possible to reliably control a DSLR with an Arduino device, a whole world of photographic opportunities arise. In this project, I intend to explore the possibilities and limits associated with Arudino + DSLR control.

Bar Cart

The Crazy Goal I’d love to build a bar cart—it’s an investment that if made correctly, will pay off for…