K40 DIY Air Assist Upgrade

It was a bummer to discover that my retail air-assist nozzle didn’t fit, but in 30 minutes I made & installed something even better!

Air Assist Upgrade

The advantages of Air Assist on a laser cutter are huge: it minimizes open flames, blows away hot gasses, and prevents smoke from interfering with the path of the laser beam.

Large open flame without air assist; 1/8″ cast acrylic.

Most Chinese K-40 laser cutters don’t come with an Air Assist, but because the internet seems to agree that LightObject’s Air Assist Nozzle is the best, I ordered one almost without thinking. I also ordered a well-reviewed aquarium air pump from Amazon.

As I noted once before however, I made bad assumptions about specs on LightObject’s Air Assist Nozzle, and the one that arrived didn’t seem to fit my machine.

My only clear solution: I had to build my own air assist nozzle.

But before we get too far… I have a free LightObject Air Assist Nozzle, and the first person to send me a message below may have it free!

Bent Wire + Heat Shrink

The design is quite straightforward—just bent steel wire acting as a re-positionable armature, plus air tubing secured by heat shrink.

K40 - 160507 - N. Berends 0040
I’m pleased with how well the terminal crimps worked for my mount point—they’re the perfect low-cost and lightweight solution.

With DIY Air Assist

With the Air Assist installed, I began getting way cleaner, more precise cuts—the difference was nearly night-and-day!


K40 - 160507 - N. Berends 0045


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