Laser Cut Dimmer / Regulator Box

As my first really practical laser cutting project, I created an acrylic enclosure for a voltage regulator.

I used MakerCase to easily create a box-joint enclosure with the basic dimensions I was looking for, and used Adobe Illustrator to clean up the SVG file.

The best part of MakerCase: The SVG comes out ready to cut, no cleanup or offsets needed!

I added some holes for style (and airflow!), a logo mark, and holes for the electronic components.

Dimmer Box Adobe Illustrator 2

The job cut easily out of 1/8″ cast acrylic, at around 20ma and 15mm/s.


My first version (frosted white) had the outlets on top, but by the second revision (clear, below), I concluded that the plugs belonged on the back side.

MZMA Dimmer-1055

I am sure, in coming days, weeks, months, I will be creating MANY more enclosures using this technique.

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