Hi, I’m Nate!

Nately by Jill Unruh

And Everythingmaker.co is FULL of ideas, but many remain half-baked.

It’s where I stash the Mad Scientist/Inventor stuff that doesn’t fit under my other projects like: old-school photo viewers, handmade lamps, freelance media production & web design and freelance event production management.

This is an always-growing repository for contraptions and curations—both my own and others’—all somewhere near the intersection of tinkering and technology. If you’re keen to discuss any of it, send your carrier pigeon over to nate@nateberends.com and we’ll be on our way!

Two Important Notes

1.) This site is constantly growing with ideas that range from total fragments to highly detailed entries. If things don’t make sense, don’t sweat it—consider it one of those “fullness of time” sorts of things.

2.) Some content is password protected. If you’re keen to access any of it, you can shoot me a message and we may be able to work up a password for you.

Did I Mention I Have A Mailing List?

About every every three months (only four times a year!) I send out a brief email with only the best updates from this site. It’s a great way to follow projects without clogging your inbox, and it’ll always be effortless to unsubscribe!

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About The Background Photos On This Site

Almost all of the background images on this site were snapped by me somewhere between 2007 and today. Each one holds special significance, and I invite you to click thru the pop-up gallery to read more.

About This WordPress Site & My Plugins

This website is built on the WordPress Platform, and relies on the Modern Theme for its base, plus a child theme that I developed for customizations. It is typeset in the Google Fonts Fira Sans & Stint Ultra Expanded, and I also rely on the following plugins to extend site functionality: